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First something about me... I live in Finland, at small town called Nurmo. I'm mother of nine children. My three own daughters are adults already and moved away from home. At home are still living six kids, who have came to us as tiny babies. They are like own children, even though they are not biologically own. I like children very much and I have worked in the hospital with new born babies, also with premature babies.

Now my home is filled by numerous baby dolls! I'm happy because I've found a hobby like this. My aim is to make as genuine looking baby dolls as possible. So there will always be babys in the house, even when real kids grow up! :) Art has been my hobby for a long time, I used to make some paintings. Anyway, that was years ago, nowadays I don't have time anymore for paint anything else than just babies!

Welcome to my site! I would be very proud if you would also sign my guestbook.

So my hobby is to make reborn baby dolls. I do dolls by requests. Dolls looks like real babies. There are many different layers of dye and I use "genesis heat" and "real effect" colours to make the skin to look just as real as possible. When you look closely, you can see even the bloodveins. The hair is planted one/two hair(s) at one time, same as eye lashes. As material I use premium angora mohair. The dolls also have nails and the weight of the dolls is same as real baby, height is between 48 - 55 cm. The body is balanced to feel like newborn baby and there is also weight in the head so you have to support doll's head just like real baby's head. Reborn baby dolls are not toys for children but for collectors or adult "dollmothers".


See some pictures of dolls I've made